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Purposeful Products exists to help small businesses overcome software-related challenges.

We work with startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that want to successfully build, extend, or rewritetheir own mobile, or web applications.
We exist to make it easier, less risky (and less daunting!) for our clients to get started and to achieve their goal - to get from a basic idea, to owning a commercial software product.
We offer a range of #softwaresurvival products and services with an emphasis on practical information and step-by-step guidance, including courses, toolkits, our bestselling Amazonbooks, and our Call & Service Packages to help our customers save time, avoid pitfalls, understand their options, and produce professional, robust products.
For clients that already run tech startups, we provide guidance, and hands-on practical help; including organising, and managing their development processes, and technical teams more efficiently using Agile principles and practices.
Our clients are based in the UK, US, and Canada.